Dok2 Sparks Another Controversy With Release Of New Song “Watch Your Mouth”

The song criticizes haters.

Dok2 has sparked yet another controversy with the release of his new single, “Watch Your Mouth”, which talks about his mother’s fraud issue.


Dok2 recently came under fire for his attitude during a live broadcast session he held to explain his mother’s debt scandal.

Dok2 Under Fire For Inconsiderate Comment During Explanation On Parent’s Debt Scandal


During the broadcast, he made comments such as, “10 million KRW? Come on man. That’s my one month’s worth of food costs,” which offended many viewers. Netizens also criticized him for telling the lender who lent his mother the money to come to him to get their money back.


The following day, Dok2 shared a post and announced that he took the responsibility to resolve the issue.

“Hello. This is Dok2. The restaurant my parents ran in 2002 went out of business 16 years ago due to rumors about the mad cow disease. The 10 million KRW debt was used to pay the employees and I was not aware of this debt before it spread in the news. Last night, I got in contact with the victims and resolved our misunderstandings. I took the moral responsibilities as a son and decided to compensate the victims. We came to a final negotiation today. I sincerely thank those who have been concerned.”


On December 3, however, Dok2 released his new single, “Watch Your Mouth”, which contained the rapper’s thoughts about this past issue, and once again sparked the controversy that was dying down.


The lyrics of the song has become an issue with netizens because of its tone, which seemed to be criticizing haters rather than reflecting upon himself.

  • “He doesn’t understand why the public is disappointed. It’s not a matter of repaying the debt, it’s his arrogance that’s the problem.”
  • “He doesn’t have the most important qualities: character and manners.”
  • “He could’ve just humbly apologized but to do this through rap, he will cause more indignation.”
  • “So he wasn’t saying that he will watch his mouth. He’s saying you watch your mouth.”
  • “A person who lives off of the interest he gets from the public is trying to teach the public.”
  • “He is a wealthy person, but in the end, he is empty.”
  • “He should’ve just said I became agitated because it was about family matters and apologized.”


Listen to Dok2’s “Watch Your Mouth” below:

Source: Star Today