Rapper Dok2 Gave Lucky Fan A White Gold Diamond Ring At His Concert

A meaningful gift to a meaningful person! 

Rapper Dok2 gave a lucky fan his own white gold diamond ring at his recent “Young King Young Boss” concert.


On December 29, Dok2 uploaded a clip from his concert explaining that he gave the first white gold diamond ring he bought with the money he earned in 2011 to a fan who held ticket #111 at his concert.

“At the last YKYB concert yesterday, I gave the first white gold diamond ring I bought with the money I earned in 2011 to a fan with ticket #111 as a souvenir.”


After hesitating for a moment whether to give the ring to the holder of ticket #11 and #111, he went ahead and slipped the ring on the finger of ticket holder #111.


Meanwhile, netizens have been expressing their envy towards the lucky fan who received the meaningful gift.

  • “Wow, it looks like that ring will become a meaningful gift to that fan!!”
  • “That person is so lucky. She went to a concert and even got a ring”
  • “Daebak…”
  • “That person must be so happy. Items like that must be passed on from generation to generation”


Fans also praised Dok2 for his generosity and were surprised at the scale of the present.

  • “Dok2 is basically a donation angel”
  • “Omg he’s giving out diamond rings now?”
  • “Wow, Dok2’s class seriously, I’m so jealous”
  • “He’s crazy!!”
Source: Instagram