Dok2 to feature in JYJ Kim Junsu’s upcoming solo album

The first artist to be collaborating with JYJ‘s Kim Junsu on his upcoming 3rd album has been revealed to be rapper Dok2. 

Junsu and Dok2 will be reuniting for another collaboration track after two years. The currently untitled track is said to a dance song with an addictive chorus and has a compelling rhythmic beat with its lyrics written by Junsu himself. Their two distinctive voices will create a different, but fascinating atmosphere.

A record official further left a statement on their upcoming track together, revealing that their voices had blended together perfectly during recording as they were confident after the positive reaction they experienced in their last collaboration song.

The two artists had previously partnered up on Junsu’s 2nd studio album Incredible for the song “Turn It Up” in 2013, which was written by Junsu and his brother Junho.

Another collaborator had yet to be revealed, further anticipating the release of Junsu’s album. His third album Flower is the first in a year and eight months, and will be released on March 3rd.

In related news, Dok2 seemed to be a hot collaboration artist as he is also set to feature in TEEN TOP Niel‘s debut title track, “Lovekiller.”

Source: SBS fun e