This Rapper Had To Move Out Of His Hotel Penthouse Because Of Bothersome Fans 

It’s too much stress, he says. 

Sometimes fame comes with an uncomfortable price, and rapper Dok2 learned a hard lesson on that. 


The rapper recently announced that he was moving into a new place after being stressed out by random visitors in his luxurious penthouse. 


He was once revealed the extent of wealth through the television program, My Little Old Boy, and gave a tour of his residence. 


But it came with a price as fans and random strangers were said to be visiting his place. Hence this statement from the rapper… 

“I am moving to another city. I will move to another place and live quietly without showing it to the television in the future. Do not come to the lobby and send a strange letter or parcel or meet unexpectedly. I am confused by the staff too.”

— Dok2 


All this was posted on his personal Instagram account. 

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Here’s to Dok2 finally getting peace in his private life. 


Source: OSEN and Korea Times