Dok2 Gets Robbed In LA, Loses Passport, Phone, Watch And More

All his important belongings were stolen.

On November 6, Dok2 shared on his Instagram his unfortunate story of being robbed during his visit to Los Angeles.


While Dok2 and his manager were having dinner in Koreatown, Los Angeles, burglars had apparently broken into his car and stolen his and his manager’s backpack.

“Last night at 000 Seollungtang in Koreatown Los Angeles at about 7 to 7:30 pm, burglars broke the windows of our car and stole my and my manager’s backpacks.” ㅡ Dok2


He added that the backpack contained his necklace, watches, camera, two Korean phones and even his passport.

“In the backpack were my necklace, watches, my camera, my two Korean phones and my passport, which were all stolen.” ㅡ Dok2


He continued to explain that although he reported the case to the police, the police stated that this type of incident occurred so frequently and that it was his fault for leaving his belongings in the car.

“We reported everything to the police but they said this happens so often in LA and both the police and security say that it’s our fault for leaving our bags in the car and that there’s almost no hope of catching the burglar. We had no choice but to leave our bags in the car because we were stopping by for a quick dinner after checking out on our way to the airport.”ㅡ Dok2


Fans were worried about the artist and left him words of encouragement.

  • “Thank goodness you’re okay.”
  • “I’m so sorry this happened to you! I don’t know why those people decide to live lives harming others 😡”
  • “😲😫😢😠😡👮‍♂️It’s such a relief that at least you’re safe.”
  • “Feel better. If everything goes well, please just stay in Korea.”
  • “I can’t believe this happened to you 😡🤬😱😨”
  • “That’s crazy…”


Meanwhile, fans from the States left him a good piece of advice in addition to words of encouragement.

  • “Glad your ok. Most people in the States never leave anything of value in the car, especially of value. Keep in mind some people in the States have no thoughts of taking from others or even care if they take a life in the process. Be safe and don’t let this ruin your thought on the many good, hard working people here.”
  • “Can’t leave anything of value in your whip when in California ,NY or any other state 🇺🇸 thieves are everywhere”
  • “Welcome to america”
  • “Don’t leave your valuables in your car”
Source: Newsen