South Korea’s Top Rapper and Producer, Dok2 Will Be Kicking off His World Tour in Canada and Europe This Fall

Don’t miss your chance to witness the rap legend live in concert!

In September 2019, South Korea’s top rapper and producer, Dok2, will be kicking off his world tour in Canada and Europe!

He will be making three stops in Canada: Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto before heading to Europe to perform in seven cities: London, Madrid, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Warsaw, and Amsterdam.

THUNDERGROUND will be an unforgettable experience, allowing audiences to witness some of K-Hip Hop’s best tracks live.

Beginning his career in 2005, Dok2 has gained worldwide success not only through his music, releasing six studio albums and five mixtapes but also through his work in the industry as a record producer.

Promoted and produced by Stage Session, Dok2 will be making three stops in Canada and seven stops in Europe for DOK2GONZO WORLD TOUR 2019 THUNDERGROUND.

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