Dok2’s Dog Passes Away Due To Medical Malpractice

Rest in peace.

On October 12, Dok2 revealed that his dog has passed away due to medical malpractice through his Instagram Story.


In the post, he explained that the doctor operated on his dog for the second time without his consent and that his dog passed away as a result.

“My 9-year-old Gureum has died due to medical malpractice. During hospitalization after his hip surgery when everyone had gone home, the doctor put my dog, who had just undergone surgery, under general anesthesia and conducted surgery on him again without consent because he was not satisfied with how it went the first time and [Gureum] passed away.” ㅡ Dok2


He expressed his frustration with this type of medical malpractice and wished his pet a peaceful rest.

“Shouldn’t these unreasonable accidents be put to a stop? Gureum, rest in peace in heaven and play around with our Kendal as much as you want.” ㅡ Dok2


According to Dok2’s post, it can be deduced Dok’s dog had passed when he was put under general anesthesia for the second time after his first hip operation.


Netizens have been sympathizing with the rapper in his misfortune.

  • “I hope Dok2 files a malpractice lawsuit to reveal the truth and contributes to the eradication of these types of happenings…In our country, the victims are the ones at loss in a medical malpractice and there’s no solution…”
  • “This is why I don’t like to leave my pets at the hospital…It’s like losing a family memberㅜ Please cheer up…”
  • “Re-surgery without consent from the owner? Is he mad?”
  • “Why is he operating again without even discussing it, that jerk.”
  • “ㅜㅜㅠI feel so bad for him”
  • “The dog wasn’t young so it would’ve been dangerous to put him under general anesthesia even once…How can that veterinarian try to operate again without even thinking…?? His license needs to be taken awayㅠ Our country’s punishment is too weak…There are basically no animal protection lawsㅠ”


Many have also been expressing their condolences to Dok2’s dog, Gureum.

  • “Let’s not treat animals badly because they can’t speak our language. Gureum, don’t be ill and live healthily and happily up there.”
  • “Rest in peace”
  • “Gureum ㅠㅠ go to a better place and be happy. Dok2 cheer up…”
Source: Sports Seoul