Dominican Radio Hosts Under Fire For Their Racist And Xenophobic Comments Towards BTS

It is not acceptable

The radio hosts from the Dominican radio show Esto no es radio are currently under fire after their latest show. The hosts on the show have been accused of making racist and xenophobic comments about BTS.

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Many users on social media recently posted about the show, explaining that the hosts made several statements about the group, which are deemed offensive.

In the clip, one host described BTS as a religion that young girls were practicing and described the group as “The Chinese version of the Backstreet Boys.” 

They then went on to speak about the stereotype of all K-Pop idols having plastic surgery and, once again, brought the topic of ethnicity into the debate.

They are like, of that part of the world, but they make surgery on themselves to look like North American but mixed with Asian.

Esto no es radio host

After this statement, another host added, “They are Chinese grafts,” before laughing. The hosts continued to state that BTS were Chinese, while acknowledging that they make Korean music and sing in the Korean language, They then continued to talk about the investment of fans in K-Pop idols.

In particular, they also discussed the recent allegations surrounding Kris Wu after the Chinese prosecution approved of his arrest for rape. 

After the show aired, ARMYs began voicing their opinions and started tweeting with the hashtags #EstoNoEsRadioXenofobico #StopAsianHate #XenophobiaIsNotHumor, relating to the recent rise in Asian hate crimes. Fans have also demanded an apology from the radio station, but they are yet to respond.

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