Donald Trump Jr. Accidentally Criticises ARMYs Camping Outside For BTS’s Concert In Central Park

The simulation is glitching

BTS was scheduled to perform in an outdoor concert in Central Park in New York City.

ARMYs have been camping out for days for the chance to catch a glimpse of BTS’s concert.

Unfortunately, before BTS’s concert, it had been raining meaning that ARMYs were holding out against the wet weather for days.

Fortunately, the sunshine finally broke out on the day BTS performed and RM graciously thanked ARMYs who had been braving the elements because of their love and support of BTS.

In the rain, cold, everything … thank you for waiting for days

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IT’s TIME. #BTSonGMA @bts.bighitofficial

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However, ARMYs were not allowed to bring in any stuff inside meaning that those camping outside Central Park for days had to leave all their sleeping bags and items outside.

Thankfully, once the concert was over, a large number of ARMYs returned back to the site to help clean up all the rubbish that was left outside Central Park. Despite their exhaustion, the camping site was completely clean in less than two hours and the ARMYs had all retrieved their belongings.

However, a few days later, ARMYs couldn’t help but see something familiar in Donald Trump Jr’s tweet.

Donald Trump Jr was criticising the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio who had just entered the race to run against his father for President in the 2020 US Elections.

Donald Trump Jr attacked Bill de Blasio for the rubbish and littering on New York’s streets, calling it a “clown show”.

He tried to paint this as evidence that Bill de Blasio was unfit to be President and that his leadership has been disastrous.

But videos can never tell the full picture.

ARMYs recognised that this video was taken of all the items that were left at the same time BTS was performing at the concert. Since they were not able to bring all their stuff with them, ARMYs had to leave their possessions where they were.

Additionally, it was pointed out that this video ignores the fact that many ARMYs returned back and helped clean up all the rubbish and stuff that was left behind.

In fact, they did such a good job that the perimeter of Central Park was spotless.

Many consider it thoughtless that something as trivial as this would be used as a political attack.

Some are amused that someone would wait for the thousands of ARMYs to leave for their concert and then take a video of the aftermath of their weeklong camping before they had a chance to clean it up.

It is hoped that BTS’s concerts will not be used for political purposes in the future, especially when the image that is portrayed is inaccurate.