Donald Trump Threatens South Korea With $1 Billion Dollar Payment for THAAD

President Donald Trump has asked for South Korea to pay for the entire THAAD bill and also kill the free trade agreement between South Korea and the U.S.

U.S. President Trump has just threatened South Korea by saying he may kill the free trade agreement between both countries.

Image Source: Korea Times

He went on to demand South Korea to pay for the $1 billion USD missile defense system, called “THAAD”.

Image Source: Wikimedia

THAAD is the reason that China has banned K-Pop and has caused serious problems between Korea and China.

Image Source: AP

Multiple K-Pop concerts have already been cancelled in China due to THAAD. K-Dramas and TV Shows were cancelled.

Descendants of the Sun faced problems due to THAAD.

Chinese netizens have even attacked idols like Taeyeon and Siwon because of THAAD related issues.

There has been a severe drop in Chinese tourists heading over to South Korea because of THAAD and companies like LOTTE have suffered greatly.

Myeongdong is far more empty than it usually is due to the lack of Chinese tourists. Image Source: A Pinoy in Korea

Donald Trump revealed that he has already “informed South Korea it would be appropriate if they pay [for THAAD]”

Image Source: Business Insider

“We’re going to protect them, but they should pay for that, and they understand that.”

— Donald Trump

Koreans are extremely upset about Donald Trump’s comments and are calling it “unacceptable”. THAAD is already an extremely sensitive and controversial subject and President Trump’s comments have only made it worse.

Source: CNN