Donghae Reveals He Won’t Tell Anyone Who He’s Dating Until They Decide To Get Married

“I’ll let you know [who I’m dating] when I decide to get married.”

In a bold confession, Donghae openly talked about his desire on having a relationship and, surprisingly, his thoughts on whether he’d keep it private.


In an interview to commemorate the release of their second mini-album, Donghae and Eunhyuk talked about incorporating these feelings and personal experiences into their music.

“Donghae is very emotional. If he experiences something, he can recall that emotion easily.”

— Eunhyuk

“He’s right. Those emotions and experiences helped me produce my songs. Music can be a way to express the emotions you feel when you like someone or the opposite (like a break-up).”

— Donghae


…which surprisingly led to them revealing more details about their handling their own relationships. 

“I’ll let you know [who I’m dating] when I decide to get married. I originally planned to get married at 28, but it didn’t happen. I believe I’ll be married one day.”

— Donghae


Naturally, this has led many fans to wonder if he’s already dating someone since he would keep it a secret until marriage… and with all of the rumors that he’s actually dating Red Velvet’s Irene, some fans are getting pretty excited.


Keep us posted, Donghae.


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