DONGKIZ Jaechan’s Agency Responds To School Bullying Accusations

They have given their position regarding this issue.

DONGKIZ’s Jaechan, who recently gained popularity through the BL-based drama series, Semantic Error, has been swept up in school bullying accusations. His agency, Dongyo Entertainment released an official statement online and confirmed that the alleged posts were not true. Below is the official statement.

Thank you to the fans who always support and care for DONGKIZ. We would like to express our position regarding false facts and rumors regarding Jaechan that have been shared through online communities.

1. The claims made in the post are not true

After the post was published, we went through the process of verifying the artist and his acquaintances and confirmed that the claims in the article are not true.

Since this is a socially important issue, our company has already gone through the verification process with the school regarding his personal and school life before debut and confirmed that there were no problems

2. We are currently awaiting results in accordance with the legal process.

We have been collecting all data from the time the post was published. As of March 4, 2022, we have sued for cyber defamation and insults by spreading false information. As of March 14, an investigative officer has been assigned and the investigation is underway. We will also be monitoring the investigation process in real time in accordance with legal procedures.

In the future, we will continue to minor false facts and malicious comments related to all our artists, including Jaechan, and take strong measures without any agreement of leniency. Please report any malicious posts regarding Dongyo Entertainment artists if you find them.

We ask for you understanding for releasing a late statement as it took some time to secure the identify of the accuser and additional data. Once again, we would like to inform you that the false facts and rumors regarding our artists under Dongyo Entertainment are not true and we hope there will be no misunderstanding confusion among fans due to these contents.

Going forward, Dongyo Entertainment will never let our artists go the place of anonymity and we will never let them unjustly trample a flower that has just begun to bloom. Thank you.


Source: star today