Doojoon and Yoseob reach out to fans following launch of new label

BEAST’s Doojoon and Yoseob have posted encouraging SNS messages for their fans following the news of them launching Around US Entertainment.

It was reported that BEAST launched their own label after their contracts with Cube Entertainment expired. Although the move has been established, the group is more likely to experience a few setbacks as they continue copyright negotiations for their group name and songs from their former agency.

Personally addressing these issues with their fans, Doojoon made a quick update saying,

“You’ve been waiting so long! There were a lot of talks going on but we wanted to be careful until we were 100% sure. I’m sorry to keep you all waiting. We are really getting started now!! I think the road ahead might be more dangerous and more treacherous than it was until now but we will be leading from the front so follow us and do not worry! If in the middle we stop because we are tired give us a little push from the back. It won’t be easy but let’s all overcome it together!! Have a good day and be careful of colds. Let’s meet soon!!!”

Yooseob also opened up about their new label and updated his Instagram with their new logo.

“Please support the new beginning for the 5 of us. We need your love and support. I would like to apologize to BEAUTYs who must have been dying with anxiety and worry and I want to thank you guys for being so patient as well. I would also like to thank CEO Hong Seung Sung and CUBE Entertainment for making it possible for us to be here. Sincerely. I don’t know what will happen now but I am not afraid. We will try to make Around Us a place that can give you happiness and joy.”

BEAST ended their exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment back in October. The two sides discussed for a long time whether to renew their contracts but eventually decided to part ways. Around US Entertainment clarified that the members will maintain friendly relations with their former agency.

Below are Doojoon and Yoseob’s full SNS updates.

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