Doojoon, Sunggyu and Chanyeol to team up as MCs for “Music Bank in Mexico”

Mexican Beauties, Inspirits and EXO-Ls are the next wave of K-pop fans to rejoice, as BEAST‘s Doojoon, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu and EXO-K‘s Chanyeol have been selected to be MCs of the show!

Mexico City was chosen as the next destination for “Music Bank World Tour” to be held on October 30th. The tour has been an ongoing project run by KBS since 2011, in order to actively promote the Hallyu Wave overseas. Previous locations have included Japan, France, Hong Kong, Chile, Indonesia, Turkey, and Brazil.

The line-up for the show is quite an impressive one, as it is filled with some of the top representatives of the Hallyu Wave including BEAST, INFINITE, EXO-K, Ailee, Girl’s Day, BTS, and B.A.P.

Keep an eye out for your favorite group’s performance when “Music Bank in Mexico” airs!

Source: TV Report