“It’s A Downgrade.” — Fans Have Mixed Feelings About SEVENTEEN’s New Lightstick Design

Some fans even think it would fit a different group more.

Lightsticks are a huge part of the K-Pop fan experience and allow fans to identify with each other, even at non-K-Pop events!

This meaning is why CARATs were initially excited to learn of a new version of SEVENTEEN’s lightstick being released soon. The original version of the Caratbong was released in 2017, with an updated version released in 2019.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu with SEVENTEEN’s lightstick. | @pledis_17jp/Twitter

Version 1 and Version 2 feature a diamond inside of a clear rounded dome on top and showcase the fandom’s colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Version 1 and 2 of SEVENTEEN’s lightstick. | PLEDIS Entertainment

Fans loved both designs but had high hopes of getting a new version after nearly four years.

The newest version’s design was shared through a concept teaser posted to SEVENTEEN’s official social media channels. The lightstick initially seemed to continue with the group’s fandom color scheme…



…but the final reveal showed that the design seems to have gone in a darker direction.


Some fans are embracing the change and are excited about a new lightstick.

Others feel the design changed too much and is less “on brand” for SEVENTEEN and CARATS. Some have even reimaged the new design with the color scheme from the first.

Other fans have taken the change with humor, saying that the lightstick looks like the child of a previous Caratbong and MONSTA X’s lightstick. Others say it looks like it could be a BLACKPINK lightstick.

This darker version might not be the final one, however — fans pointed out that aespa‘s original lightstick teaser showed the fan item in black but ultimately was released in white.

What do you think of the new lightstick?