Doyeon Makes A Huge Impression At SFW Despite Still Being A Rookie

Fantagio Entertainment’s Kim Doyeon has been creating quite a buzz after being spotted at Seoul Fashion Week.

Despite not having formally debuted under her agency, Doyeon surprised everyone with her appearance at the HERA Seoul Fashion WeekPUSHBUTTON Collection.

Until now, she’s one of the few of the I.O.I  members to have attended the event, which is quite an accomplishment given her status as a rookie. The idol was seen sitting near noticeable K-Pop figures like T-ara‘s Hyomin and Girl’s Generation‘s Tiffany, Seohyun and Hyoyeon during the show.


Doyeon, whose model-like visuals allowed her to fit in perfectly, wore an eye-catching outfit to the show. She was seen in a vibrant red polka-dot dress paired with platform shoes.

The idol is currently preparing for her debut with fellow labelmate and I.O.I star Choi Yoojung in i-Teen Girls, but her attendance at this event is evidence that she’s already made a big impact in the Korean entertainment industry.

Check out her outfit below!

Doyeon effortlessly pulls off the vibrant outfit.

Doyeon’s elegant features made her the perfect fit for Fashion Week.

Doyeon is quite the visual.