K-Pop CG Artist Reveals The Careful Edits He Made For BTS’s “Butter” Performance That You May Have Missed

Did not expect that 👀

A lot of work goes into ensuring that every single music video and performance is as perfect as can be. A CG artist, for example, edits out imperfections to make sure that the entire stage looks flawless.

A Korean CG artist who has worked with the likes of BTS, TWICE, and SEVENTEEN recently partook in an interview with Doyouram. Using BTS’s “Butter” performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as an example, he talked more about what he does.

He explained that BTS performed on an asphalt bridge, which meant there were many dirt spots that he had to remove.

Afterwards, it looked much cleaner, but it was done so naturally that it’s almost impossible to tell that it was edited!

BTS filmed on Hangang Bridge. The road over the bridge was made of asphalt, so there was dirt on the asphalt. I deleted those things to make the road look clean.

— CG artist

Aside from editing the asphalt, he also noticed that there were dots in the members’ shadows. He made sure to remove all the dots, and the result was a spotless performance!

There were also dots in the shadows of the BTS members, so I deleted them too.

— CG artist

The edits may not be obvious to most people, but they definitely make a huge difference.

Check out the full interview below.

Source: Doyouram - Everyday K-Culture