DR Music responds to controversy surrounding Alex Reid and their choreographer

On February 3, DR Music released an official statement in both Korean and English on their Facebook page, responding to the controversy between BP Rania‘s Alex and their choreographer for “Start a Fire”.

The controversy first began with the choreographer allegedly commenting on why Alex did not dance, saying it’s because of personal reasons and implied that she did not want to. This, in turn, caused Alex to respond by tweeting that she would expose the truth if the lies did not stop.

DR Music cleared this all up with their post, supporting BP Rania’s leader Alex and stating that, moving forward, they will discuss a plan together for the next stage of promotions.

“The recent uproar of fans sparked by comments made by our choreographer and Alexandra has ultimately been a positive
thing. It has brought us together as a company with Alexandra to discuss a plan moving forward for the next round of promotional stages. The rumors that Alexandra was not willing, able, or present at practice to participate in the full choreography are false. Her level of talent is surpassed only by her work ethic and dedication to the team. It is for those reasons that we gave her the position of leader. Alexandra has always been a model of professionalism and a pleasure to work with.
We offer a sincere thank you to the fans for supporting our girls while voicing your opinions. You will see how much we took them to heart as we move into the future of BP Rania.” – DR Music

Fans expressed satisfaction that their complaints had been heard upon seeing this official statement.