Drama Erupts After Korean Football Stars Son Heung Min And Kim Min Jae Are Reportedly Involved In Feud

Netizens alleged that the two had blocked each other on Instagram…

Drama has taken hold of Korea’s National Football Team after its two biggest stars, Tottenham Hotspurs‘ winger Son Heung Min and S.S.C. Napoli‘s all-world center-back Kim Min Jae allegedly were involved in a feud.

Son Heung Min | Telegraph
Kim Min Jae | Sporting Life

According to a KBS news report, an insider familiar with the national team told the news outlet that during the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Kim Min Jae was uncomfortably playing with a senior.

During the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Kim Min Jae was uncomfortable playing with a specific sunbae.

— Insider

The news follows controversy stemming from South Korea’s 1-2 loss to Uruguay in a friendly. After the match, Kim Min Jae, who is currently playing in-season for Napoli in Italy’s Serie A, stated that he was mentally exhausted and that he’d like to focus on his club career, rather than play for his country.

I’m struggling. Mentally, I’m about to break down. For now, I’d like to focus on my professional club. Just football-wise, it’s hard, and it is difficult on my body, so rather than the national team, I’d like to concentrate on my professional club.

— Kim Min Jae

Initial reports stated that the player was hinting at retirement from international football, but the player later denied it, stating that his statement was misunderstood in an Instagram post.

Son Heung Min then uploaded a post on his Instagram in which the player stated that it was an honor playing for Korea.

Playing for the nation and wearing the National Team’s uniform is always something to be proud of and a great honor.

— Son Heung Min

After the post, Korean fans noticed that Son Heung Min and Kim Min Jae did not follow each other. Some fans then alleged that Kim Min Jae had blocked Son Heung Min altogether.

After the controversy was brought to light, Kim Min Jae and Son Heung Min soon followed each other, and Son Heung Min liked Kim Min Jae’s apology post.

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