(★BREAKING) Drama Filming Disaster, Man Falls 10ft

It’s the worst k-drama filming disaster in history.

A staff member from the drama, “A Korean Odyssey”, fell 100ft (30m), while working on the set, and is now paralyzed from the waist down.

According to media reports, the staff member was hanging on a chandelier, when he fell down from 10 feet, breaking his waist and hip immediately. He received serious head injuries, which was initially believed to have left him brain dead.

Fortunately, after he regained consciousness, he was able to recognize his wife and children. Despite this, doctors are still unsure if he will fully recover mentally, from the traumatic fall.

“His lower half of the body is paralyzed, so he will most likely be a handicapped for the rest of his life.”

— Doctor

Both tVN and the drama’s production team attempted to keep the issue quiet and did not come forward immediately. The branch chairman of the National Press Union at MBC Art has stated that he will not allow this accident to get swept under the rug.

“The Korean drama production system is definitely at fault for negligent abuse. They made an unreasonable request for him to work extremely late at night, with the excuse of ‘filming for a live broadcast’.”

— Kim Jong Chan

The victim’s wife is planning to sue the PD who requested her husband to work that night.

This is the second issue that the drama has been hit with. Earlier in the week, a 1 minute commercial turned into a 15 minute commercial unexpectedly. When the episode. resumed, it was hit with numerous poor editing mistakes.

First, the broadcasting team forgot to edit out the stunt actors and wires of those who portrayed the ghost figures.

The mistakes continued when Lee Seung Gi was looking at an old photo that was edited from the original photo. But, producers forgot to take out the green screen from the photo!

Lastly, a scene portraying Oh Yeon Seo was supposed to show her moving into a portrait, which then collapsed onto the floor. However, the wires that pulled the photo to the ground weren’t edited out.

tvN has since released a statement explaining their mistakes, as well as apologizing to its viewers.

“The 2nd episode failed to broadcast smoothly because the post-production works were delayed.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvience to the viewers, and we will do our best to make sure that this does not happen again in the future.

We wanted to successfully portray the unique feeling of Yokai. So even to the last second before its airing, we tried to present the right details and make a perfect drama.

Although we tried to improve the drama within the short amount of time, the passion and greed of the production crew led to a huge production accident.

We will learn from our mistakes and give back with a better broadcast.”

— tvN

Source: Dispatch, Instiz and Hankook Ilbo