A Netizen Alleges They Were Physically Assaulted By A Drama Producer

“When I blocked him, he started hitting my arm.”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

A netizen alleged that they were assaulted by a drama producer.

Recently a post on a popular Korean online community has gone viral. The post titled, “Today I Was Assaulted By A Drama Production Staff” alleged the netizen and their mother was assaulted.

The netizen alleged it all started when the drama producer parked in her mother’s parking spot.

When my mom entered our garage, we saw his parked car. We honked for him to move their car. He then got out of the car and started cursing at my mother. He was a drama producer.


The netizen then stated an argument occurred and then escalated to the producer hitting the netizen’s arm.

I started cursing at the person as well. He tried to hit my mom. When I blocked him, he started hitting my arm. I filed a report with the police. I remember that he never apologized and mocked me.


The netizen uploaded pictures of the alleged assault. No word yet on what drama the producer has worked on.

A picture of the netizen’s injury | Nate Pann
Medical report for the police | Nate Pann
Source: Wikitree