DREAMCATCHER’s Dami Hilariously Shares How All The Agency Trainees Once Got Punished Because Of Her And Siyeon

“They told us to drop everything and to put our hands above our heads.”

DREAMCATCHER‘s Dami shared a hilarious story from her trainee days, and while she laughs at it now, she got into serious trouble for it back in the day!

On the latest episode of The K-Pop Daebak Show, Eric Nam welcomed DREAMCATCHER members Dami, Yoohyeon, and Handong as guests, where they talked about everything from their trainee days to their favorite artists they’d want to collab with!

The DREAMCATCHER members answered questions sent in by fans, and one of the questions sent in centered around their days as trainees!

What was the most memorable thing during your trainee days?

Dami spoke up first, sharing a story where she revealed how she and the other members of DREAMCATCHER got into heaps of trouble…all because she was trying to help out fellow member Siyeon!

During our trainee days…I dyed my hair, inside the training facility! One of our members, Siyeon…was it bleach? I told her I would dye her hair for her. The rest [of the trainees] were on lookout.

The staff opened the door and we got caught red-handed!


She then revealed that as soon as they were discovered, they were immediately punished for their antics!

They told us to drop everything and to put our hands above our heads.


Yoohyeon then hilariously revealed that even though the other trainees were only on look out, they were punished for it as well!

Even though we were only on look out, [we were punished] together…


They share such a heartwarming friendship!

Watch Dami talk about the incident from their trainee days here!

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