Dreamcatcher Fans Demand Explanation For Error In Score Total On “The Show”

Fans are anxiously waiting for a response for this error in total points.

On September 24, Everglow took the winning spot on SBS MTV The Show. Dreamcatcher and CLC took second and third place, respectively.

Although this was Everglow’s first win after 6 months, Dreamcatcher fans seem to have found an error in the point total for first place.

The Show totals points from ‘song+album points’, ‘pre-voting+YouTube+Expert’, and ‘Real-time voting’.

The percentages for each category are as follows: song 40%, album 10%, YouTube 20%, Pre-voting 5%, and expert 15%. The total points that can be given is 10,000 points, meaning 1% equals 100 points.

For pre-voting, Dreamcatcher received 54.31%, Everglow received 23.36%, and CLC received 18.55%. Since Dreamcatcher won the pre-voting category, they automatically took 500 points, with Everglow receiving 213 points.

Taking a look at YouTube, Dreamcatcher’s “Déjà vu” received 2,263,630 views and Everglow’s “Adios” received 3,076,173 views.

When calculating these points, Dreamcatcher would have earned 1,472 points and Everglow should have gotten 2,000 points.

Assuming that Dreamcatcher received 0 points in the expert category, with Everglow receiving all the points, the total for the ‘Pre-voting+YouTube+expert’ portion would have been 1,972 points for Dreamcatcher and 3,773 points for Everglow. The points revealed on the show however, had Dreamcatcher’s points total 122 points fewer than what it should have been. In the case of Everglow, it was a 53 point difference.

So, after fixing these alleged point errors, the new total for Dreamcatcher would be 7,972 points and Everglow would have had 7,914 points.

Even with the exclusion of the expert points, there is more than a 100 point difference in the totals.

There has been no formal statement revealed from SBS on this yet.

Fans have been continuously asking for an explanation on the SBS website.

This is not the first case of point total errors as on other music shows such as Mnet M Countdown where the first place winner has been switched.

Fans hope for an explanation on this matter to be revealed very soon.

Source: topstarnews