DREAMCATCHER’s Gahyeon Shares Why She Wants To Learn The Bass Guitar, And You Will Totally Agree With Her

After listening to her reasoning, Gahyeon and a bass guitar is something you’ll wanna see ASAP!

DREAMCATCHER‘s Gahyeon shared an instrument she would like to learn, and the reason might surprise you!

DREAMCATCHER recently held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, where they talked to fans and revealed interesting facts about themselves!

A fan asked them,

if you were to play the instruments in your songs, what would each of you like to play?

Gahyeon answered first, and revealed she’d love to learn the bass!

Me…? hmmm… maybe playing the bass?


The reason behind it, however, is probably not what you’d expect!

A woman who plays bass looks so hot.


It’s true, Gahyeon with a bass guitar would indeed look pretty hot!

Source: Reddit