Dreamcatcher’s Gahyeon Reveals One Of The Scenes From Their “BEcause” MV Was Changed For Her

It changed because of the cutest reason!

Dreamcatcher‘s Gahyeon recently talked about a scene in their “BEcause” MV, and revealed why an originally full-body shot was then changed to one where they shot her face only!

Dreamcatcher were recently interviewed by Rolling Stone Korea, and talked about themselves and their latest comeback era!

In one of the scenes of their “BEcause” MV, Gahyeon can be seen in a purple dress, running away from something in the amusement park.

As she was shooting the scene, the director called out to her, and hilariously compared her running to how a baby would do it!

I had a running scene. At first, the camera was stationary. So I only had to stare at it and run. However, my running must have been so funny. The director said, ‘You run like a baby! Rather than jumping, run cooler!’

So I think I ran about twice?


Gahyeon then shared that she did her best to follow the director’s advice, but she failed so hard at it, that they decided to just shoot her face only as she ran!

He said, ‘We will follow. The camera will follow. We will only shoot the face!’ Eventually, we filmed like that.


The members immediately complimented her on her running, making their maknae laugh!

That’s a relief!


Watch the scene Gahyeon is talking about in their “BEcause” MV here!

Source: Youtube