Dreamcatcher’s Handong Talks About The Difficulties They Faced While Shooting Their “BEcause” MV

Even though it was so tough, they handled it extremely professionally!

Dreamcatcher recently came back with the song “BEcause”, and the group totally fit its summer vibes perfectly, with their characteristic “Dreamcatcher” twist!

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The group was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone Korea, where they talked about themselves, as well as their new comeback with the album Summer Holiday!

One of the questions they were asked was,

Any memorable moments while preparing for the “BEcause” music video?

While discussing their MV, JiU commented on the high temperatures that they filmed under, before handing the mic over to Handong, who revealed how bad the conditions were!

On that day…it’s been a while since we did an outdoor shoot, at the amusement park. It’s summer, so we swear a lot while dancing. But especially on that day, there were shooting lights.

When the lights turned on, it was like fire! When it turned on, our eyes were so dazzled, so we were like ‘Ow!’


But the members of Dreamcatcher are anything but professional, and Handong then shared how they immediately snapped back to action despite the killing heat of the summer day!

But we are professionals! As the music turns on [we get serious]! It was amazing. I can only think of hot memories. But it came out well!


Dreamcatcher made their comeback with “BEcause”.

Watch the results of their hardwork on a hot day here!

Source: Youtube