Dreamcatcher’s JiU Had The Most Wholesome Interaction With Her Family And Now We’re Crying

JiU has such a close bond with her family!

Dreamcatcher‘s JiU got to talk to her family on the phone, and the pure exchange between them will warm your heart!

Dreamcatcher recently appeared on NADOL, where they talked to their families!

Upon being asked leader JiU revealed that she tells her family that she loves them very often!

I say it so often!


JiU called up her mom first, and had the cutest conversation with her! Answering the phone with a heartwarming “Sweetie~”, her mom then fussed and fretted over her…

JiU: “My shoot today has been cancelled.”

Mom: “Really? Then when will you do it again?”

JiU: “Maybe next time…?”

Mom: “It’s better for you. You should get some rest today.”


…, and told her “I love you” several times!

I love you so much! My pretty daughter~~ I love you the most in the world.

JiU then called her brother up, and while waiting for her brother to call back, JiU cutely bragged about him!

He is so…gentle and kind! He is very mature. Also, when I’m physically and mentally tired, he gives me half of what he has. He takes good care of me. I live separately in Seoul and he lives with my parents. He is a very reliable son to my parents.

He also earns his own tuition! I really respect him!!


When her brother called back, he expressed his regret about not being able to call her often, and unlike other siblings, had no problem saying that he loves his big sister!

Brother: “I haven’t been able to contact you often because its exam period these days…”

JiU: “I love you~ Cheer up!”

Brother: I love you too! Bye~ Take care…cheer up!”


Her fellow member Yoohyeon then hilariously chimed in with an example of her own relationship with her brother!

If I had told him [her brother] I loved him, he would have cursed at me…


With such a loving family to back her up, it’s no wonder that JiU turned to be such a kind and caring person!

Dreamcatcher recently made a comeback with the album Dystopia: Road To Utopia, and the title track “Odd Eye”.

You can watch the whole thing here!