Dreamcatcher’s JiU Reveals The Hilarious Way She Steals Food From Her Members

It’s a method she always uses, but it’s not foolproof!

Dreamcatcher‘s JiU shared her hilarious method for stealing food from her members!

Dreamcatcher’s JiU, SuA, and Siyeon recently guested on Red Velvet Wendy‘s radio show, SBS Power FM‘s Youngstreet, and talked about themselves!

During the radio show, they participated in a segment where Wendy gave them scenarios, and they had to choose which member fit the scenario the best! One of them was,

The last piece of evidence is ramen. You were a little hungry, so you cook some ramen. All of a sudden, you feel a burdensome gaze… You definitely told her you’d make some for her if she wanted to eat too! Even though she said she didn’t want it then, she comes over suddenly to say, ‘Just one bite!’

Who’s the one who shouted ‘Just a bite!’?


The members all chose JiU, and JiU rushed to explain that her method of stealing food from her members is actually a bit different from that!

JiU revealed that while she doesn’t ask for a bite, she reads the mood of the room, and waits for the right moment to ask for leftovers from her members!

I’m not someone who only steals “just a bite” from others, at least. I read the room. If the members are eating something…I don’t pressure them, but when my members are eating, it just looks so good. I want to eat it, but I can’t say anything.

But when my members put their chopsticks down, I ask, ‘Are you finished?’

I’ll eat then!


She also shared a previous experience with Siyeon, where she tried to employ the same method, but got played instead when she found out that Siyeon had already eaten everything!

Last time too, Siyeon was behind me, eating a hamburger. I thought there would be side dishes. I heard Siyeon when she was finished with her food. [I asked] ‘Siyeon, there aren’t any sides?’


This method of JiU’s is not foolproof, but it definitely made their fans laugh! You can watch the whole thing here!