DREAMCATCHER Discuss The Secret Behind Their Massive Fame Abroad And How They Deal With Hate Comments

They opened up honestly about the topic.

DREAMCATCHER sat down for an interview where they discussed their massive fame abroad as well as their methods to coping with hateful comments.

DREAMCATCHER arguably has a bigger fandom abroad than at home in Korea, so the question had to be asked… What is their secret to their great international success?

Dami was the first to answer, where she explained that the fans at home or abroad like them for the same reason. The members are all talented who put on great performances on stage.

I believe it’s similar to why our domestic fans like us. They like our performances, our stages, and our worldview.

I think the fans like us because our stories make you think more than once about it.

— Dami

Yoohyeon added that it may be all of the intricate instrumentals they use in their song which is similar to popular songs abroad.

She explained, “There are a lot of bands abroad, so it may be because we use a lot of instrumental sounds in our music.

No matter the reason, their latest track “Scream” has continued on their international success by incurring 8 million views in just a week!

The members introduced more about their track, which talked about the motif of witch hunts that is present not just in history but in modern society.

We always try to show new lyrics and images to the fans. While we were discussing what to show next, we decided to take on the topic of malicious comments.

We can’t help but be hurt by malicious comments in this industry. We wanted to to convey our hopes for everyone to empathize and openly discuss the topic.

—  Jiu

Considering how the entertainment industry is unfortunately riddled with haters and their comments, DREAMCATCHER were asked how they cope with the negativity.

Dami: “We get hurt by the malicious comments but we try to only look at the good ones. We try to find comfort from those around us.”

Gahyeon: “I think disinterest is even worse. I try to think positively about it.”


Yuhyeon summarized it by explaining how they’re able to disregard the hate and focus on the love thanks to their fans. She recalled the time when she felt re-energized by a thoughtful fan’s letter.

There are fans who send us lengthy letters. One fan once sent us a letter about how she’s suffering from depression but she’s found motivation through us.

Although I was going through a tough time as well, I was determined to fight through it thanks to their letter.

— Yuhyeon

There appears to be a distinct reason why DREAMCATCHER found success internationally, as well as domestically. They aren’t afraid to be vulnerable about their life and openly share it with their fans who reciprocate the love right back!

Check out DREAMCATCHER’s “Scream” if you haven’t yet!

Source: News1 and Newsen