Dreamcatcher’s SuA Got Scared Of Trainee Life When She Met Yoohyeon For The First Time—Here’s Why

She was immediately scared about trainee life after meeting Yoohyeon!

The members of Dreamcatcher recently talked about their days of dieting as trainees, with SuA surprisingly revealing that she met Yoohyeon for the first time while she was trying to lose weight!

Yoohyeon and SuA

Dreamcatcher recently appeared on Girls’ Generation Sunny‘s variety show Legendary Trainee, and over convenience store meals, talked about their trainee days under Happy Face Entertainment!


As they ate, Sunny asked them,

Did your agency strictly supervise your weight?


JiU spoke about how their agency would weigh them once a week, and also made them all run on a treadmill for 30 minutes each.

We checked our body weight once a week, and then took turns running on the treadmill for 30 minutes each.


SuA then recalled the time she met Yoohyeon for the first time, and revealed that the two met while Yoohyeon was running hard on the treadmill!

When I first saw Yoohyeon right after I got in [to the agency], I saw a really slim girl running really hard on the treadmill! And I thought, ‘Things were not going to be easy.’


But JiU then revealed that although the agency would ask them to diet, they would then cutely treat the girls with Korean fried chicken almost immediately after!

Watch them talk about it here!