Dreamcatcher’s SuA Reveals Why They Teared Up At The Beginning Of Their “BEcause” Performance

“Starting with a bit of tears in our eyes…

Dreamcatcher made their comeback recently, and SuA revealed that during their first stage, the members teared up a little bit!

SuA | @hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter

Dreamcatcher recently sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone Korea, where they talked about their most recent comeback with the album Summer Holiday and title track “BEcause”!

Dreamcatcher | Dreamcatcher Company

As they talked about their comeback, SuA talked about their stage performances, and revealed that they teared up a little while trying to make their performance perfect!

| Dreamcatcher Company

She said that at the beginning of their performance, all the members had to stand absolutely still, and they tried to embody dolls to pull it off perfectly, and didn’t blink at all!

At the beginning, we really wanted to be seen as dolls, so we never blinked!


She then shared that because they didn’t blink at all, they ended up starting each stage with tears in their now very dry eyes!

So starting with a bit of tears in our eyes…


Siyeon agreed, and commented on how their eyes were extremely dry after the performance!


Dreamcatcher came back with their song “BEcause”.

Watch the MV for it here!

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