Dreamcatcher’s Handong Confirmed To Join “Idol Producer” And Opens Her Own Weibo Account

Handong will participate in the upcoming season!

Dreamcatcher‘s Handong has been confirmed to participate as a trainee on the next season of Idol Producer!

On October 15, Qing Chun You Ni (Idol Producer) revealed that they have interviewed the hundred trainees in the line-up of the show, and have released a short video showing snippets of their interviews.


Fans already had their suspicions of Handong joining the program when it was announced that Handong would not be joining Dreamcatcher on the rest of their tour. These suspicions were confirmed when fans saw Handong’s snippet included in the video of interviews!


Following the confirmation of her participation, Handong has also opened her own Weibo account.



This is the third season of Idol Producer (recently renamed Qing Chun You Ni). It was reported earlier that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was also confirmed to have joined the program as a mentor.


All the best, Handong!