“My 8-Year-Old Asked Me A Shocking Question After Watching” — Netizens Discuss The Influences Of Drinking Talk Shows Like “Nothing Prepared” And “SuChwiTa”

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An article by the Korean media outlet Joongang Daily recently sparked debate about the increase in drinking talk shows. After the success of rapper Lee Young Ji‘s Nothing Prepared, other alcohol-based talk shows aired, including Jo Hyun Ah‘s Thursday Night, BTS Suga‘s Suchwita, and more.

The show is not limited to adult viewers, although a content warning is displayed to dissuade underage drinking. Idols that are popular amongst young children, such as BTS and IVE have caused worry over the influence they have on the thoughts and actions of such kids. Although it is by no means any fault of the idols involved, Korean parents worry about the behavior it may encourage in their children.

One such parent was stunned when their 8-year-old child asked them questions on alcohol after watching IVE Yujin‘s appearance on Nothing Prepared. Their child had asked questions such as, “does alcohol taste nice,” and “what happens when you’re drunk?

It is not just idols. Famous YouTubers and streamers have also jumped on the bandwagon and uploaded tipsy videos or live streams. Between 2021 and 2022, there was a rise in the number of teenaged drinking from 10.77% to 13%. With the legal drinking age in South Korea being 20, this is alarming.

Researchers have commented on the effect, claiming that if one is exposed to a positive image of alcohol when they are young, they are more likely to become alcoholic or reliant on alcohol when they grow older.

Netizens are divided on the situation. Some feel that it is the responsibility of the parents to educate their children on responsible drinking, with others feeling that kids as young as elementary school should stay away from even understanding the concept of alcohol.

| theqoo
  • Not everyone who watches a drinking show will drink.  It is the responsibility of the parents and schools to educate their children.
  • I think that we should be really educating our kids on drinking, drunks, and sex education like the English-speaking countries.
  • It’s true that alcohol product placement has increased a lot recently.
  • I wonder why people have to do drinking talk shows. They will be able to generate some amount of content to broadcast without alcohol anyway. Do you have to drink to be honest? No. They don’t even drink enough to be so.
  • I think they need to put an age restriction on it. Even 12 years old or something. Otherwise, they should make the videos not viewable on children accounts.

On the other hand, drinking talk shows are much loved by fans as they reveal a cuter and softer side to their idols.

Source: theqoo
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