Drunk Man Hits 77-Year-Old Grandmother Who Was Picking Up Recyclable Wastepaper

She is currently in the hospital receiving treatment.

A drunk man in his mid 20’s reportedly hit a 77-year-old grandmother who was picking up recyclable wastepaper after getting into an argument.

On November 19, the Ulsan Ulju Police Office revealed that the 25-year-old man was charged for injury and is currently under investigation.


On November 9 at 9:45 pm, the man had hit the grandmother at a bus station near Eonyang-eup, Ulju-gun. According to the police, the man who is a job seeker, was waiting at the bus station to go home after having a drink with friends. When the grandmother, who was picking up recyclable wastepaper nearby, began mumbling, the man thought she was trying to start an argument and began to fight back.


When the grandmother responded by saying, “What’s wrong? Just go,” the man slapped her face twice and pushed her, according to the police. High school students who were passing held the man back and reported him them to the police.


The grandmother is now receiving treatment at the hospital for pain in her neck and head. Meanwhile, the police revealed that the man had admitted to his fault.


Netizens have been furious at the situation and a Blue House petition has even been filed, pleading for strengthened punishment on violence caused by alcohol.

  • “What has this generation come to? What did the grandmother in her 70’s ever do to that young man in his 20’s? No matter how drunk he was…”
  • “He must be crazy”
  • “Slapping a grandmother? It’s obvious how he treats his parents.”
  • “Why is a young guy like that hitting a poor grandmother who is struggling to make ends meet for no reason? They need to reveal the faces of guys like that so he can feel some shame and crawl home when he drinks next time.”
  • “This makes me so angry. If it wasn’t a grandmother and it was a large-framed elderly man, he wouldn’t have had the guts to do anything. He’s probably going to make some lame excuse about drinking and move on. I’m afraid for his own grandmother…”
Source: Yonhap News