Legendary Hip-Hop Artist Drunken Tiger And BTS RM’s Collaboration Song Ranks No.1 On 18 iTunes Charts Worldwide

“Timeless” is a real bop!

The legendary hip-hop artist, Drunken Tiger, is receiving love from around the world with his collaboration song with BTS’ RM, “Timeless”, which has ranked No.1 on 18 iTunes charts worldwide.


According to the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart, Drunken Tiger’s “Timeless” has ranked No.1 on 18 iTunes charts including in Sweden, Egypt, Romania, Israel, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Poland, the Philippines, Peru and more as of November 15.


It has also achieved No.1 on the iTunes K-Pop Chart and entered the Top 10 in 40 iTunes charts around the world.


Drunken Tiger’s 10th and final album includes 30 tracks, which have been divided into 2 separate CDs. One CD contains their characteristics boom bap-style music while the other CD contains music of various genres including Jazz, EDM, reggae, etc.


Drunken Tiger has proved their status in the world of Korean entertainment and hip-hop through the numerous renowned artists who have willingly participated in the album including BTS’ RM, SEVENTEEN’s Vernon, Dok2, MC Meta, SUPERBEE, myunDO, QM, TakeOne, Kim Jong Kook, Eun Ji Won, Defconn and Haha.


Global artists and engineers such as David Kim, who won a Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album with Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly”, Jay-Z, Nas, Gang Starr, KRS-One, Mikah 9 and engineer Eddie Sancho have also participated in the making of Drunken Tiger’s final masterpiece.


With the release of their album, Drunken Tiger is expected to promote until next year with their title song, “Mantra”. Check out the music video below!

Source: Osen