DSP To Take Legal Action Against Mexican Group Who Plagiarized KARD’s Concept And Music

DSP addressed the truth about Crystal Krush.

A co-ed pop group in Mexico, by the name of Crystal Krush, was found plagiarizing KARD‘s concept, music, and style. The group has 2 female and 2 male members, just like KARD, and also make use of the five suits of card to promote their group.


Fans noticed that the group was copying not just their style but the group’s music and dancing.


But Crystal Krush’s management initially announced that they had good relations with DSP Media and was authorized for the group’s concept and music.


DSP Media responded quickly by addressing that their statement is false and that they’ll be taking legal actions against them for unauthorized use of KARD’s creative contents and concepts.

Hello. This is DSP Media.

There has recently been an issue where KARD’s songs, performance, and creative contents have been used without authorization.

We want to emphasize that DSP Media has never given authorization for any foreign groups to use KARD’s concepts and content. In addition, DSP Media has not collaborated with any foreign management for them to modify, borrow, or use KARD’s concepts.

We plan on taking legal action against the cases of plagiarism against KARD so far.

In conclusion, thank you to everyone who loves KARD’s music and performances.

— DSP Media


Since DSP Media’s clear clarification, all of Crystal Krush’s official accounts have been cleared of any trace. All of the members’ accounts have also been cleared.

Source: Donga