DSP Media’s Boy Group A-Jax Announces Disbandment

They have disbanded.

DSP Media‘s only boy group A-Jax have just announced their official disbandment, due to all 5 members’ contracts expiring.

DSP Media also confirmed this through their official announcement on A-Jax’s official fancafe.

Hello, this is DSP Media. We would like to deliver news related to A-Jax.

We would like to announce that the contracts for the 5 members of A-Jax have expired today, March 31.

In the future, the A-Jax members will carry out their entertainment activities individually, and we ask that you continue to support the members in the future endeavors.

Thank You.

— DSP Media

A-Jax made their official debut on June 1, 2012 and were touted as DSP’s next big group, promoting in both Korea and Japan. However, they did not take off as DSP Media expected, and in 2017, members Seungjin and Junghee joined KBS‘s The Unit in hopes of reviving their careers.

The group had not released a Korean single since 2014, when they participated in DSP Media’s Christmas album. They were mainly promoting in Japan.

Source: Newsen and Hankook Ilbo