DSP Media’s new co-ed group K.A.R.D has a secret fifth member

DSP Media has revealed that their new co-ed group K.A.R.D has a hidden member.

K.A.R.D was originally thought to have been made of up 4 members, two female and two male. However, a new teaser showing a silhouette of a fifth member was released on the 6th.

K.A.R.D stands for King, Ace, jokeR, and hiDden. The group is comprised of members talented in composing, lyrics-writing, and choreography. Jeon Somin, a member of April, is also part of this project.

The group will go through 3 stages during this project with a new hidden member for each stage. An album will be released for each of the 3 stages. The group will be able to officially debut after the last stage. Until then, K.A.R.D will be focusing on offline promotions, interacting with fans through various performances.

K.A.R.D will be releasing it’s first track on the 13th while the hidden member for the first stage will be revealed on the 8th.

Source: XSports News