Duolingo Owl Shocks ENGENEs By Appearing At ENHYPEN Concert

Stay delululingo! 

Language learning app Duolingo‘s owl mascot, Duo, revealed himself to be an ENGENE last week.

Duolingo is an American educational technology company which produces apps for language-learning and provides language certification. On its main app users can practice vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and listening skills using spaced repetition.

— Wikipedia

Duolingo also shared that Duo’s bias is Heeseung in now-viral posts on X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok.

Duo even quote-tweeted our initial coverage, confirming that Heeseung is, in fact, his celebrity crush.

Later, Duolingo even posted a thread of custom photocards of each ENHYPEN member. Some even included Lily, another Duolino character.

A couple of days later, Duolingo quote-tweeted footage of ENHYPEN arriving in Newark for their 2023 FATE World Tour. Duo and Lily were perfectly dressed for the concert!

Still, ENGENEs weren’t expecting Duo and Lily to really show up to the ENHYPEN concert! Everyone was surprised to see the green owl in person.


@Duolingo CAME HERE TO SEE @enhypen #HEEDUO #kpop #enhypen #fateworldtour

♬ Bite Me – ENHYPEN


DUOLINGO IS HERE 🤩🤩🤩 #enhypen #enhyphennewark #newarknj

♬ Bite Me – ENHYPEN

Duo was even noticed by his bias. Heeseung mentioned Duolingo during his Weverse Live.

Duo reacted to the clip on X. He shared a photo of a freebie he got at the concert.

Stay delululingo!

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