Duolingo Is More Than Just A Member Of The BTS ARMY

Guess Duo’s bias!

BTS has such a huge fanbase that it’s really no surprise when public figures reveal themselves as members of the ARMY. Yet, the fanbase is so massive that even application mascots have revealed themselves to be ARMY!

The latest is none other than language-learning company Duolingo. Well, specifically the Duolingo owl mascot known as “Duo.”

Duolingo is an American educational technology company which produces apps for language-learning and provides language certification. On its main app users can practice vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and listening skills using spaced repetition.

— Wikipedia

| Duolingo

You may be most familiar with the cute, sassy green owl through its TikTok, as it’s now become quite the meme. And while everyone knows that Duo l is in love with pop diva Dua Lipa, it turns out that the owl has a BTS bias.

It started when an ARMY shared the tweet below. It referenced the wild theory that Jungkook is the beloved late Princess Diana reincarnated while likening leader RM to the Duolingo owl, Duo.

Duolingo’s official Twitter account quote-tweeted, agreeing with the user. To support the theory, Duolingo shared a side-by-side comparison of the two smiling and, of course, in green.

Considering RM is also wise as an owl and skilled in multiple languages, we can buy this theory!

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