This Dutch Documentary About K-Pop Is Under Fire For Being Rude and Offensive

Fans are calling the documentary inaccurate and downright rude.

Ewout & de Keiharde K-Pop Wereld, or Ewout & the Tough K-Pop World, is a Dutch documentary that is meant to educate people on K-Pop. However, fans are upset with how the documentary focuses on plastic surgery, scandals, and suicide.

Ewout Genemans, the man in charge or the documentary, is seen attending a Girls in the Park (GWSN) fan meet. He constantly complained about how tight their schedules were. Also, the documentary shows him asking member Seoryoung if she ever had plastic surgery.

Seoryoung clearly looks uncomfortable by the questions and says that she has never had plastic surgery.

After, he went back to the start of the line to talk to GWSN member Lena, even though she was already talking to another fan. He already knew about their tight schedule, but he had no problem interfering with that to ask them questions.

He asks her if she is aware that K-Pop has a lot of scandals and what her thoughts are, to which she replies that she doesn’t know. She then tells him that she doesn’t have a phone so she can’t search the internet for scandals. She also says that maybe the reason she doesn’t have a phone is to avoid scandals.

Fans are also upset that he used clips of SHINee‘s Jonghyun‘s funeral to support his argument that idols are depressed.

Many fans are upset because they only showed the bad sides of K-Pop and ignored any of the positives. It appears they also barely researched on the topics they spoke about. GWSN fans have created the hashtag #ProtectGWSN in protest to what Ewout did in their fansign.