Dwayne Johnson Challenges Ma Dong Suk To An Arm Wrestle Match

These two brawny actors would be neck and neck if they competed in an arm wrestling match!

Dwayne Johnson has challenged Ma Dong Suk to a match of arm wrestling after seeing Ma Dong Suk’s huge arms!


During an interview for his new movie Rampage, Dwayne Johnson was shown a photo of Ma Dong Suk in his upcoming movie Champion with arms as big as Dwayne Johnson himself!


Champion is about a man (Ma Dong Suk) who dreams of becoming an arm wrestling champion.

Ma Dong Suk has previously gained recognition in his previous movie The Outlaws, which achieved incredible success with a whopping 7,000,000 viewers.


The actor has apparently trained in arm wrestling for his new role and his arms have become noticeably larger than before.

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Dwayne Johnson is also a legend wrestler. He went by the ring name of “The Rock” in the WWE and held the WWE World Champion title several times before he became a Hollywood action star during the early 2000’s.


He has since appeared on major Hollywood hits that show off his extraordinary build such as the Fast and the Furious series, G.I. Joe: RetaliationBaywatch and now Rampage.


Dwayne Johnson called Ma Dong Suk a real “badass” describing his arms as “crazy big” and seemed unsure of whether he could beat the Korean actor at arm wrestling as he challenged him.

“You look like a badass and your arm looks crazy big. I don’t know if I would win, but I’d be happy to try and arm wrestle you.” ㅡ Dwayne Johnson


Watch the clip of Dwayne Johnson’s challenge:

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