Actor Dylan O’Brien Is The Biggest BLACKPINK Fanboy At The 2022 VMAs

He is a certified BLINK!

BLACKPINK were the main event at MTV‘s 2022 VMAs (also known as The 2022 Video Music Awards), and they proved to be celebrities’ celebrities.

Still, one celebrity proved to be the biggest BLINK of them all, and it’s none other than American actor Dylan O’Brien.

Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O’Brien is known for Teen Wolf, The Maze Runner series, and most recently, Hulu‘s film Not Okay.

Dylan O’Brien in “Teen Wolf.” | MTV

Dylan O’Brien in “Not Okay.” | Hulu

He is also a longtime fan of BLACKPINK!

Last year, he revealed in an interview that he had watched Netflix documentary Blackpink: Light Up the Sky. He couldn’t stop singing their praises too.

Oh, I watched the BLACKPINK documentary recently ’cause I love BLACKPINK. Yeah, I recommend, you know. Especially if you don’t know BLACKPINK, that’s a great way to get to know them. They’re awesome. I love them. They’re so talented, and they’re so cool…

— Dylan O’Brien

He even revealed his bias to be Lisa at the time! Dylan didn’t miss the opportunity to shoot his shot, either.

Now, it’s clear Dylan not only still loves BLACKPINK but remains Lisa-biased!

Lisa accepting her award. | MTV

Ahead of the 2022 VMAs, Taylor Swift shared a TikTok featuring Dylan O’Brien. The song of choice? “Pink Venom,” of course!

And the two were both super excited during BLACKPINK’s performance. They couldn’t stop fangirling!

When BLACKPINK took the stage, Dylan O’Brien literally jumped out of his seat! And he had his phone ready for his own personal fancams.

During the performance, he had to fan himself. Honestly, same.

And when Lisa accepted the “Best K-Pop” award for “LALISA,” Dylan O’Brien proved to be her biggest fan. Cameras caught him shouting, “Lisa, I love you!” 

Dylan O’Brien is truly the biggest BLACKPINK fanboy!

Check out fellow BLINK, Taylor Swift, below.

Taylor Swift Is The Biggest BLINK During BLACKPINK’s 2022 VMAs Performance

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