A Song Has Finally Dethroned BTS’s “Dynamite” On The Melon Charts … And It’s Not “Life Goes On”

You probably wouldn’t have heard it before!

BTS‘s “Dynamite” was so impactful that it remained at the top of the charts for the longest time. Ever since it’s release in August 2020, it has taken 1st place for almost 3 months. However, on 24 November 2020, a song has finally managed to push it out and take the top spot.

“VVS”, by Mirani, Munch Man, Khundi Panda and MUSH VENOM, from the hit show Show Me The Money‘s 9th run, was dropped on 22 November 2020. The addictive tune and the smooth vocals by Mirani captured the hearts of many. Take a listen to the song below.

Netizens are showing positive reactions to the song as well.

  • “The song is great”
  • “There’s some push due to the song being from a broadcast but it’s not everything. They can back it up. Not all songs from SMTM end up being first place on the charts.”
  • GroovyRoom really is naturally talented.”
  • “This song isn’t just listened to people who tuned in to the show. If you listen to it once even without watching the show, you will keep on listening to it. What I’m saying is that this one is different from those that got the push from broadcasts despite the actual song sucking.”
  • “The song is super good. The live version is better so listen to it once!”

In other news, BTS has released a comeback album recently, following the success of “Dynamite”.

Source: theqoo


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