[★BREAKING] E-Sens allegedly facing jailtime after being arrested in house for marijuana use

According to Daily Sports, E-Sens was arrested at his house on April 6th and is now most likely facing a jail sentence.

According to the district prosecutors of Seoul, “E-Sens was arrested at his house located in the Mapo district  and he was very compliant and admitted to usage of marijuana. Although we will have to wait for the court’s verdict, since this was during his probation sentence it is highly likely that he will serve prison sentence.”

This statement is conflicting with the previous statement by E-Sens’s agency who stated that E-Sens was not arrested at his house, nor did he smoke marijuana.

It has been made know that E-Sens is being charged with the usage of marijuana on three different occasions. In last September 14th, he smoked marijuana with Lee at a parking lot located in Mapo, by himself on the 15th of last month and at his place on the 30th with Lee. He was also charged for smuggling 500g of marijuana in November 2014.

Source: Daily Sports