Eagle-Eyed ARMYs Spotted A Saesang Fan In J-Hope’s Birthday Stream

ARMY is outraged that this was allowed to happen.

Today is J-Hope‘s birthday and ARMYs everywhere are celebrating. To celebrate, J-Hope hosted a birthday live stream at midnight to be with ARMY when he became a year older. BTS ended up surprising J-Hope with a birthday cake in his hotel room.

It was during this encounter that some eagle-eyed ARMYs spotted a Saesang fan peeking into J-Hope’s hotel room. You can see her open the door and take a picture.

The Saesang was posting her pictures on Instagram but her account has since gone private. This is a picture of the Saesang fans in BTS’s hotel who were stalking them.

Last week a Saesang managed to confront Jimin in their hotel as well.

ARMY is outraged that these fans can gain such access to BTS, they are calling for Big Hit to improve the security in place to protect BTS.


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