Eagle-Eyed Netizens Spot aespa Karina’s Dramatic Hair Transformation

She’s making major changes ahead of the group’s May comeback! 🔥

aespa continues to keep fans on their toes. According to Korean news reports, in November, aespa quietly traveled to Australia to film content for the group and a new music video.

It wasn’t until January that the group gave fans a look at their trip through photos and a fun vlog of their travels.

(From left to right) aespa’s Winter, Giselle, Karina, and NingNing in Sydney | @aespa_official/Twitter

The group again recently quietly traveled to the airport and nearly left for their schedules without detection before being recognized by the Korean news outlet Newsen.

Normally, the group is prepared to encounter fans and media outlets at the airport and always catch attention with their stunning visuals and runway-ready fashion.

This time, aespa was caught off-guard when they arrived at the airport, but they still showed their genuine personalities as they smiled and greeted the media waiting for them.

Even dressed in casual clothing, the group caught netizens’ attention for their effortlessly trendy looks.

(From left to right) aespa’s Karina, Giselle, NingNing, and Winter departing for their private overseas schedules. | Newsen

As the members greeted the media, netizens noticed that Karina was holding her hood close to her face, which is common when idols try to hide hair transformations for upcoming projects.

While she tried to hide her hair, eagle-eyed netizens noticed that the talented aespa member might officially be blonde!

Karina previously caught netizens’ attention when her pre-debut photos resurfaced, showing her and NingNing with blonde hair.

Karina & NingNing’s pre-debut photo | Instiz

While NingNing has rocked blonde hair during aespa’s promotions, Karina has kept her hair dark, making the blonde a dramatic transformation for her.

Netizens spotted the lighter hair strands in a media photo of Karina, which appeared to show her with blonde or orange hair.

aespa’s Karina | @wntrult/Twitter

Once asepa landed in Los Angeles, locals spotted Karina filming with aespa for their private schedules, confirming that she does rock blonde hair, and fans can’t wait for official photos to be posted!

Until then, check out netizens’ reactions to pre-debut blonde Karina in the article below!

A Pre-Debut Photo Of Aespa’s Karina & NingNing Rocking Blonde Hair Resurfaces Online


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