This Trainee Was A BTS Backup Dancer, Now He’s Debuting As An Idol

He was just dancing for them this year, now he’s about debut in his own group.

Some K-Pop idols spend years and years before finally getting a chance to debut. Then there are the lucky few that get to spend only a few months as a trainee before debuting as an idol.

Meet Stray Kids’ Minho, an active back up dancer up until early 2017, who will be debuting as an idol member under one of the biggest entertainment labels in Korea.

Minho was an active back up dancer for BTS’s 2017 The Wings Tour.

He was quickly spotted by a casting agent from JYP Entertainment who signed him as a trainee.

It only took him 4 months as a trainee before he was considered for a debut team!

Source: Pann

During an early episode of the survival reality TV show Stray Kids, Minho appeared to lack stage presence and vocal abilities, so Park Jin Young decided to eliminate him from the debut team.

His resilience and persistent effort, however, earned him another chance to perform with the debut group at the final stage.

Minho wanted to improve his vocal range, and he proved it by continuously taking voice lessons and rehearsing.

After the impressive final performance, Park Jin Young decided to include Minho as a member of Stray Kids which is set to debut in early 2018.

Indeed Minho had a pretty good year!

Source: JYP Entertainment
Source: Pann