EARTHGANG Has The Best Reaction To BTS’s RM Sharing Their Music

Manifesting a BTS and EARTHGANG collab πŸ™πŸΌ

Looks like the EARTHGANG members are just as big of fans of BTS as RM is of them!

EARTHGANG | @earthgang/Instagram
BTS’s RM | Naver

EARTHGANG is an American hip-hop duo from Atlanta, Georgia. The duo is made up of Olu (also known as Johnny Venus) and WowGr8 (also known as Doctur Dot). The duo recently collaborated with future-funk producer Yung Bae on the track “L.O.V.E.”

Yung Bae | @yungbae/Instagram

RM shared a screenshot of “L.O.V.E.” on his personal Instagram story to show ARMY what he was currently listening to.

| @rkive/Instagram

ARMYs shared screenshots of RM’s Instagram story on Twitter.

The EARTHGANG members saw an ARMY’s tweet about RM’s Instagram story, and they quote tweeted it with a sweet message for RM. They wrote, “Good music travel much love from @bts_bighit member RM.”