Ed Sheeran Gives BTS A Special Shoutout For “Love Yourself: Answer”

This is what Ed Sheeran had to say about “Love Yourself: Answer”.

World famous singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran took to Instagram to give some love for BTS and their latest album, “Love Yourself: Answer”.

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Ed Sheeran posted a message about the competition to hang out with him in New York, but ARMYs noticed a surprise note to BTS at the very bottom!

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He congratulated BTS on the release of their new album and the “incredible week” they were about to have (Let’s face it – it’s going to be “incredible months/year” with this one!).

“Congrats to [BTS] who are about to have an incredible week.

Cool album x”

— Ed Sheeran


Fans from both sides are all about this special shoutout as they quickly demanded – you guessed it! – a collaboration!

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